Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Your Challenge, If You Choose To Accept It

I just watched Alan Jackson's video, Where were you when the world stopped turning.  I love this song...he had it right.  Faith, hope and love were some good things he gave us, and the greatest is love.  

So today, 9/11, I will focus on love.  Hate doesn't make hate disappear.  It only feeds it.  Love is the only thing that will loosen the hold that fear and hate has on our lives. One choice, one day, one person, one community, one nation at a time, we must choose love.  

I challenge you today to take a moment today and see another person, a stranger.  I mean truly see another person.  Notice the expression on their face, notice their body language and how they are interacting with the world around them.  Then, do just one simple thing. Smile. That's it.   If you are feeling ambitious you might even say "Hi!"  For our over-achievers out there, give that person a sincere compliment or start up a conversation.  I think you will discover we are not really that different from one another.  We are humanity.  We share the same universal community.  We are the love the world so desperately needs.  

Take a step back in time and watch this video if you have a few minues:

Here are some smiles from my family and friends to you!