Thursday, December 30, 2010


While snow covered branches add beauty to a dreary winter sky, it fails to give me the warm, cozy winter feeling that so many people seem to love. While I can appreciate the beauty, I find myself longing for the bright colors and sunshine that come with spring.

December is still with us and we have already seen four snowfalls, two of which were significant. One left us stranded for two days on our little mountain. That is more than enough for me!

I have never been one to love the winter. I do not like being cold at all. I would rather be drenched in sweat than have the slightest chill. So while the kids are enjoying sledding, snowball fights and hot chocolate, I will be daydreaming of spring. Emerging buds on the tree branches, dandelions seeming to grow overnight and the smell of freshly cut grass will fill my dreams!

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Dedication. Hard work. That is what it takes to graduate nursing school. Even more dedication and hard work is required when you are the mother of two, one being a 17 year old teenager. Need I say more? Even more is required when you are also a single mom.

That is why I am writing this special post. My friend deserves more pats on the back than my words can accomplish. It has been her life-long dream to be a nurse. As long as I can remember, she has talked of being a nurse. Knowing her like I do, I know that she tremendously enjoys inflicting pain. She was always way too anxious to "take care" of any wounds or injuries! Just thinking about her eyes lighting up at the thought makes me laugh.

All joking aside, nursing is the perfect career for my friend. Her lively spirit is contagious, no pun intended. I have no doubt that through her talent, her compassion and her resolve, she will indeed change the world, one patient at a time.

Congratulations Kristen Sowder on your graduation! May you find many open doors before you!

Friday, December 10, 2010


They say you can't run away from your problems. They say they only follow you. I guess I would have to agree.

HOWEVER, I am huge believer in putting some distance between yourself and your situation. Sometimes it is only with distance that clarity will come. I think the appropriate saying is "You can't see the forest for the trees." To be able to see my forest, I usually head to the beach.

When I spend time by the ocean, my clarity comes and life seems much less complicated. Is it the sound? Is it the smell of the salty air? Is it the feel of the sand between my toes? I don't know. Maybe it is all of the above. I am sure there are lots of things written about the peace you can find by the seashore. All I know is that it works for me. My seaside visits always put my life and my situations in perspective.

So, I am off to the beautiful Gulf Coast with my husband. I am stepping out of my little world. Knowing that when I return, things will look much brighter. So as East Tennessee prepares for snow, I am searching for my flip flops! Stay tuned for updates on my seaside discoveries! As always, thanks for reading!

Saturday, December 4, 2010


After an extended absence, it sure feels good to be back to writing the blog. I have been recovering from a "virus." Four weeks of symptoms was all it took for the doctor to finally give me an antibiotic. I am finally feeling better!

Christmas is right around the corner! Oh my goodness, I can not believe how fast this year has passed. When I was younger, I always heard my parents talk about how fast time goes. I thought they were crazy. As a child, the time just stood still waiting for Christmas. Surprise! They were right. I know they love hearing me say that!

Like 2009, this year has still been difficult for many people. I expect Christmas giving will be smaller than just a few years before. I know that is true for my family. Please remember that gifts are just stuff and things. Stuff does not replace what people truly want to feel. We can find ways to show our love without spending tons of money. Be careful this holiday season and do not over extend yourself. We want 2011 to start brighter and better for everyone!

However, please do not forget to give to those who are not lucky enough to have the option to buy anything. There are those that are unable to afford basic needs such as shelter, clothing, and food. These people are not the leeches on society that so many people believe them to be. Check back with me in the next few days. I am going to share with you a very, personal story that I hope will make you see giving in a whole different light. As always, thanks for reading!