Thursday, December 30, 2010


While snow covered branches add beauty to a dreary winter sky, it fails to give me the warm, cozy winter feeling that so many people seem to love. While I can appreciate the beauty, I find myself longing for the bright colors and sunshine that come with spring.

December is still with us and we have already seen four snowfalls, two of which were significant. One left us stranded for two days on our little mountain. That is more than enough for me!

I have never been one to love the winter. I do not like being cold at all. I would rather be drenched in sweat than have the slightest chill. So while the kids are enjoying sledding, snowball fights and hot chocolate, I will be daydreaming of spring. Emerging buds on the tree branches, dandelions seeming to grow overnight and the smell of freshly cut grass will fill my dreams!

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