Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9/11 - Growth - Restoration - Healing

 Photo Courtesy of MSN.com

9/11. Just say 9/11. There is a flood of emotions that comes rushing to the forefront. I always heard my parents and grandparents say that they remembered where they were when JFK was assassinated. Before 9/11, I could not say I understood how they felt. But now I say, I remember exactly where I was when I was when I heard the news. I walked into the break area and Pellissippi. Everyone was gathered around a TV that had been wheeled into the room. Disbelief was my first reaction. Reality sank in as the nonstop news coverage revealed the extent of the violence that was bestowed upon our country. The first day of the news coverage was so incredibly graphic. The news channels were flooded with heartbreaking content that was forever branded into my mind. That day changed me. Until then 9/11 marked my birthday. It meant the fair was in town. It meant it was football time. It did not mean violence and devastation. It did not mean pain and tears. It did not mean the loss of so many innocent lives. But after 9/11/2001, it meant all of those things and so much more. But just for a little while. NOW 9/11 means pride to be an American, it means despite our background, we come together as one. We come together as Americans. 9/11 brought growth, restoration, healing and it brought love. Love and compassion for people you will likely never event meet. It brought volunteers and kindness. Out of the great tragedy of 9/11, LOVE triumphed!!! So join me tomorrow and focus not on remembering the pain, but the joyous celebration of our amazing nation. "Last year,thousands of organizations and a record 33 million Americansparticipated -­‐-­‐observing 9/11 by performing good deeds, volunteering, helping others and engaging in other service activities, making 9/11 the single largest day of charitable engagement in U.S. history." (http://www.911day.org/). Tomorrow CHOOSE to spread the love!

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