Friday, November 5, 2010


Changes are inevitable. The leaves turn from green to yellow and slowly fall to the ground. We accept these changes because we know that it is part of a process that is necessary for new growth in the spring. I am working to accept changes in my life with the same understanding.

It has been a year since we moved and the changes continue. Careers move in different directions. Relationships are formed and sometimes ended. These changes don't happen because there is some mysterious force in the universe manipulating our lives. These changes happen because of choices we make. Sometimes the role we play in our lives is not obvious. Sometimes we fall into that "victim" mode and we forget how very powerful we are to create our own reality. We forget that we have the opportunity to choose something different.

I am choosing differently in my life. I am choosing relationships that are healthy and strong. I am choosing careers that make me happy, not just give me a paycheck. I am choosing to set boundaries with people in my life. I am doing this not because I love them any less, but because I love myself more. So today, I challenge you to look at your life. Can you see that you are where you are because of the choices you make? Can you see that you have the power to change your reality?

I hope you create a beautiful day for yourself!

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