Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Second Post - Reprinted "An Epiphany"

For years I have known that I would never be happy working for someone else.  I have always known that I should work for myself.  The problem is what kind of business would be right for me.  See here’s the thing, I would call myself a “Big Idea” person.  Coming up with ideas and solutions is where I thrive.  However, I am not so good at sticking with something long-term. I think short attentions spans run in my family. :-)
So I have finally discovered that maybe I should try to make my career fit me instead of trying to turn myself into someone I am not.  So yesterday when this finally sunk in, the ideas started flowing easily.  It was sort of an ephiphany.  Every single person is unique.  We each have our own limitations.  But more importantly, we each have our own talents and gifts.  How neat would the world be if we each could realize all of those things about ourselves?  What kind of world would it be if every person was utilizing their own special gifts and loved the work they do?  Do you love the work you have chosen?  Do you wake up each and every day excited about what the day has to bring?  I want that kind of life.  Can I overcome any fears or self-doubt that would keep me from achieving just that?
I choose to believe that I can have that life.  I choose to accept my personality and my gifts.  I chose to create a life where I can thrive.  I choose to believe……in myself.

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