Thursday, March 25, 2010

Carter Community - Great Place To Live

Zoom in from the planet Earth, to the wonderful United States of America, to the hills of Tennessee and either further in to the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, and you will find a small community. That community is centered around Carter Elementary, Middle & High schools. It is sometimes called Four Way In. As a teen growing up in the community, some of us affectionately called it Four Way In - No Way Out.

There is something very special about this area. It is a community where family has true meaning. It is a place where it is likely your elementary teacher will likely teach your children. It is a place where you can't find a store open after midnight. It is a place where it is difficult for your teens to get away with anything because someone will call and tell you what they are up to.

There are so many people who have lived here there entire lives and have so many stories to tell. There are places that serve as icons to the community. Places like Cardin's Drive In, Carter Pool, Carter Mill will forever be in the memories of our children as they are in ours. Playing softball at the original field and having to go swimming in the creek to fish out the softballs. I also remember the old football field past the elementary school where all of the football teams and cheerleaders had to practice on one field. I will always remember being dropped off at Carter Pool during the summer. I would spend a fantastic day with friends at the pool (playing chicken) and watching crazy guys do stunt dives from the high board. Then when my parents would pick us up, we would try to talk them into a soft-serve cone at Cardin's. I can't even count the number of times the ice cream slid right off the cone and onto the pavement as they tried to pass it through the car window.

There is a reason that so many people who grew up here return to raise their families in the same community. It is a great place to call home and some of the best people I have ever met are from this area. I have always had a desire to find a way to preserve the ideas, traditions, and memories of this community. Please share with my readers the places and memories that are near and dear to your heart. Perhaps together, we can take a walk down memory lane.

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