Thursday, March 18, 2010

He got her softened up!!!

As he put his hand on the rail of the bed and started pumping, the bed began to squeak. This bed always squeaks so much………….

Okay, get your mind out of the gutter!! I am trying to tell you a story about Melissa’s trip to the hospital. The “he” that I am referring to is Kris. He was Melissa’s transporter today. The pumping I mentioned and the hand on the rail were from Kris preparing the bed for transport. Just admit it, you thought I was writing some sort of hot, steamy love scene. Well, when the bed was squeaking, of course we all thought the same thing.

Suddenly, Melissa starts saying “squeak, squeak, squeak! We burst into laughter and I said, “I was thinking the same thing, but I wasn’t going to say it! As we all are trying to recover, Melissa says something like “Hey, I am just laying here!" Of course that was just more fuel for the fire. Poor Kris, he couldn’t get her to participate a bit! Oh my goodness! We had a great laugh. Fortunately, Kris is not the type to get embarrassed.He played along fantastically. I will spare you of every little comment, but when Kris brought Melissa to her “destination,” he did remind us that he got her softened up!

Melissa has seen enough doctors and enough needles to last her for quite some time. The fact that we have been unable to get a diagnosis is frustrating. However, we have brought humor to as much of the situation as we can. When you find a sweet, funny guy like Kris, it makes it much easier. Thank you Kris, for making two women have a great afternoon in spite of where we were. You are great with people and I expect that you brighten all of your patient’s days. Of course, I am sure they don’t give you near the grief that we did. As I told you before, every time you hear a squeaking bed, you will think of us! Sorry about that. LOL

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