Monday, March 29, 2010

Party Was A Success

Our big celebration turned out very well despite a few glitches. I was reminded of a very important lesson. You should always prepare your technical aspects very early and test them. This is especially important when you are planning an outdoor presentation. Despite the delay and bit of stress, the videos were very well received. I had a video highlighting music, television, movies, and kid's books from the 60's. Also, I created a video giving my mom suggestions for what to do with her time since she is retired.

Anyway, we also played a really fun auction game. I numbered 20 brown lunch bags. I filled the bags with odd items around the house and a few envelopes with a dollar or two in them. I used other items like a bar of soap, pack of pizza crust, package of dog food, and other silly items. I gave each guest a baggie with 30 pennies and started the auction. It was such a blast watching the guests open their bags to see if they spent their money wisely. My favorite buy was when a guest paid their entire 30 pennies for a "souvenir" penny.

As exhausting as putting together a big bash can be, the reward is so worth the effort. I love seeing everyone laughing and enjoying the party. Everyone enjoyed the games, the videos, and the food. Yum!! As the weather gets warmer, I am sure you will be hosting your own parties. It is a great way to slow down life and enjoy your friends and family. I hope you enjoy the special times!

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  1. Hi Charlene,
    I hope youare feeling better. :-)


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